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The Amazing Skiff e-Reader

Skiff Reader

Skiff Reader

The Skiff Reader measures about 23 x 28 cm (9 x 11 in.) and is only 6.8 mm (0.3 in.) thin. It is a rugged metal foil e-Paper display made of silicon thin-film transistors laid onto a flexible stainless steel substrate. In other words, it is crack-proof and shatter-proof. I like that!

The display size measures 29.2 cm (11.5 in.) diagonal with a 1200 x 1600 pixels resolution (174 ppi). It is touch screen and you can use a stylus or your finger. It accepts a rechargeable Li-ion battery that averages about one week’s worth of reading and wireless usage.

The Skiff Reader is 3G-enabled, WiFi-enabled, with 3+ GB of internal memory available for content, with extra memory supplied by a SDHC card. A built-in speaker accepts a 3.5mm standard audio jack.

[ Visit the Skiff Reader site ]
Just can’t wait to see what Apple is going to spring on us concerning the iTablet (or iSlate). Imagine something like the Skiff Reader with the added power of a computer in it! I know, I’m dreaming… 😉