Adobe Brimelow to Apple Jobs: “Go [blip] Yourself!”

Adobe Platform Evangelist Lee Brimelow did not mince his words yesterday on his Flash Blog as he told Steve Jobs, “Go [blip] yourself Apple.”

To understand why this extreme reaction from Adobe, we have to go back to Apple’s announcement that its new iPhone 4.0 SDK will not tolerate the use of non-Apple-approved programming languages. Adobe understands this to mean that if you develop an app for the iPhone but uses Adobe’s software to do so, you will be in violation of terms and your app will not be accepted in the App Store.

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Note that what is at stake here is not whether the app runs properly on the iPhone but what language was used originally to create it. Is that allowed? Can Apple dictate what software you use to create their app? Why would anyone care whether you use Adobe software or Notepad to write your iPhone app? Apparently Apple does!

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