A Camera, A Wide-Angle, A Fern,… The President’s Photograph

I have to admit that I sometimes feel blasé looking at photos from the press (or landscape photos, HDR photos, etc. for that matter) and hardly give them more than a pssing glance. The one of President Obama meeting with British Prime Minister David Cameron at the Oval Office on Wednesday stopped me right in my track as I flipped through various web sites looking to bring you something worthy to see. Mr. Mills is a staff photographer for The New York Times and apparently often uses remote setups when photographing at the White House, putting his camera “on the floor, on the colonnade, on the monopod, high up in the air,… [to bring] a different perspective for readers to see.” This time, he hid his DSLR in the fern on the mantelpiece behind where the two men sat facing the press photographers. The result is a one of a kind photo like the two men were on the set of a television or film shoot. The angle, what’s included in the shot, the expressions on the faces of the members of the press, the edges deformation due to the extreme wide-angle lens used… all add to give us a sense of being right there with them.

See the picture and read more at: NYT.