A behind-the-scenes look into the life of a ballerina at the New York City Ballet

New York City photographer Henry Leutwyler goes behind the curtains of esteemed New York City Ballet to give viewers an unprecedented look at the world of professional dance. His photos are documented in a 488-page book, titled “Ballet.”

The intimate photos provide an unguarded glimpse into what goes on behind the scenes, from dancers sewing ribbons to their pointe shoes and ballerinas putting the final bobby pins in their buns.

“The biggest challenge of being backstage is becoming invisible or blending in,” the Swiss-born photographer said. “There is not one image where anyone looks at me or smiles at me.”

Leutwyler’s choice of camera, and reason for doing so, is interesting: he consciously uses a 35mm film [Leica] camera -– and not a digital camera.

“I think that when you look at what is being photographed in the ballet world, it is usually very sharp and in focus,” he said. “I made the decision to make it more painterly.”

The photos are indeed beautiful and a photographer’s choice of equipment is always a personal choice.

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