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Photos From Behind The Net

If you have not followed at least one World Cup Soccer match on TV or read one article or viewed one picture… no problem, just scoot over to Reuters which has a gallery of shots of different [not World Cup] soccer matches taken from behind the goal net.

View the gallery at: Reuters.

[ via Rob Galbraith ]

We also give you a link below of World Cup Best gallery so you can truthfully say you’ve watched the World Cup.

View the World Cup Best Gallery.

Too bad they don’t have that sign (Photo 28) at the entrance of the stadium.

Photo 36 summarizes France soccer team’s chances.

Photo 44: the players confused soccer with another game, perhaps volleyball?

Photo 41: No matter the team, players wearing jerseys 5 and 17 like to complain.

Photo 42: Reminds me of a game of flipper.

Photo 48: Soccer, remember? Not Judo.

Photo 51, 53: At last, a coach who is alive!

Photo 52: National Pride knows no bounds.

Photo 55: Is the guy wearing glasses celebrating or screaming in pain?