Tweet! @WordPress leads the charge, cleans up who they follow on Twitter

It had to happen sooner than later, and we’re so glad it is our favorite CRM, WordPress, that is leading the charge. On Twitter. On cleaning up who they follow.

In a blog post today, WordPress announced that they had unfollowed everyone who follow them and will slowly rebuild their community, making sure that they follow only those forming part of the WordPress community.

No more auto-follow, no more following everyone who follow them. It just did not make sense then, it still does not make sense to automatically follow someone. In fact, the number of followers a site has says nothing about how popular it is. Automatically following someone who follows you is akin to taking part in the link farm that Google so frowns upon.

I don’t know how Twitter plans to monetize its site with ads because there is currently no stats that can be used to accurately determine Twitter site popularity. Number of followers is at best a poor and unreliable measure. The quality (relevancy, authority) of your followers is.

Read the blog post at: WordPress.