When Instagram Isn’t

Is Instagram being polluted with photos shot on DSLRs and post processed in Photoshop? An interesting article over at Imaging Resource asks whether Instagram should remain “pure” or be allowed to host photos post-processed elsewhere, e.g. in Photoshop? A look at the pictures on Instagram’s own blog suggests that some of the staff at Instagram itself probably use DSLRs and other non-smart phone cameras to post photos on Instagram.

You can read more and join in the debate at: Imaging Resource.

Just as we warned amateur photographers not to be unduly concerned if their photos taken on their new expensive DSLRs do not quite look like those taken by professionals — because the latter post process them to death, even to the point of digital manipulation — likewise, they should not be too concerned if their smart phone-taken Instagram photos do not look as good as some they see on the site — again, because the latter would have probably been taken on a DSLR with expensive lenses, cropped, post processed in Photoshop, and then uploaded to Instagram.