What’s In A Paparazzo’s Camera Bag?

What camera equipment do paparazzi carry in their bags? Henry Flores, full time engineer turned professional paparazzo, shows what he carries and explains why.

Follow the link below for more videos and an interview with Henry Flores about how he became a fulltime paparazzo and just who are giving out the tips where a celebrity is shopping, eating, etc.

[ via Phot Induced ]
Paparazzi Lingo:

“Hose Down” – Continuous Shooting at high speed
“Going Long” – Be discreete, use a telephoto
“Dog Pack”, “Gang Bang” – Paparazzi surrounding the celebrity. Use a 17mm ultra wide-angle
“Incognito”, “Ninja” – Use your car with fully tinted windows (even curtains) so the celebrity does not know you’re taking their pictures