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What Not To Wear On Your Photo Safari Trip

Creative Commons License photo credit: The Grumbler

Planning a safari trip to photograph wild animals in their natural habitat? If these include big cats like cheetahs, jaguars, etc., you do not want to wear this cologne: Calvin Klein’s Obsession For Men. [QuickPrice Check]

“Obsession for Men” was launched in 1986 and is still one of the top ten best-selling fragrances for men in the world. The “nose” who helped create the cologne, Ann Gottlieb, said there are a number of ingredients used to make the fragrance such as synthetic musky scent (secreted by the civet) that might attract the big cats.

Zoos and wildlife conservation organizations use the musky perfume to lure the big cats in areas where they can be filmed and researched.

[ via Physorg ]
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