The Art of Composition – 9 Rules For Better Photography

Who hasn’t heard of the Rule of Thirds when learning about composition? Or, the power of diagonal lines? And other similar composition rules? Somehow they just look too simple to be effective, right? But how many of us, having learned all those composition rules actually go out and use them?

Editorial photographer Steve McCurry apparently does, as the video below based on his beautiful award-winning pictures attest to.

As you watch the video, keep these 9 composition tips in mind:

  1. Rule of Thirds – points of interest where our eyes are naturally drawn to
  2. Leading Lines – lead eyes into the picture
  3. Diagonals – create movement
  4. Framing – use natural frames
  5. Figure to Ground – contrast between the subject (in the foreground) and the background
  6. Fill the Frame – get close to your subject
  7. Center Dominant Eye – if not while taking the picture, then when cropping for display
  8. Patterns and Repetition – aesthetically pleasing and especially effective when suddenly interrupted by your subject
  9. Symmetry

Of course, beautiful photos are more than just composition, but knowing how to apply — and, perhaps as importantly, when to break — those rules might just rekindle your love for photography.

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