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Trasparent OLED Shown At CEATEC 2010


One of the most “cool” (as well as practical) innovation we’re looking forward to is the transparent screen. TDK has shown two types of organic light-emitting diode (OLED) displays at the Cutting-Edge IT & Electronics Comprehensive Exhibition (CEATEC) 2010 in Tokyo, Japan: one that is translucent and a second one that is flexible.

The translucent display has 320 x 240 resolution and can be up to 10 cm tall. If you are worried that other people can see your display, fear not. The display is only is 50% translucent: it uses one-way light emission so that the light output is set to the direction of the text, meaning you can see the screen — but people on the other side cannot, although they can see through the display. Is that cool or what?

The flexible screen has 256 x 64 resolution and can also be up to 10 cm tall. Being flexible means that they can be more resistant to cracks and breakages, making it ideal for use in “bendable” mobile phones and other gadgets.

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Of course, TDK is not the only company working on translucent displays. Samsung Mobile Display (SMD) showed a prototype 14-inch (40%) translucent display on a laptop back in January at CES 2010.

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In the following video, Samsung lays out its vision of OLED Display technology.

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