Sharpen Your Wildlife Photography Skills… at your local zoo!

Every Summer, my family takes the obligatory trip to the Toronto Zoo. This year, we went a bit too early, but did not have to fight the crowd. The “wild” animals exhibits are often a letdown because, unless you get to an exhibit when it is feeding time, you are most probably going to be able to catch only a glimpse of the animals sleeping in the shade and not doing too much. The one tiger we did see was pacing around, looking a bit crazed, and we felt pretty sad overall that we could not simply watch the animals in their natural habitat via hidden cameras. I suspect the zoologists of the future would be doing just that: studying the animals in the real wild using technology such as camera-equipped drone airplanes, hidden robotic cams, bird cams, etc.

Meanwhile, we have the local zoo and Jeff Wignall over at Black Star has a great idea for those who want to practice their “wildlife” photography: do it at the zoo! It’s not quite the same, yet similar.

You’d probably want a telephoto lens here to isolate the animal from its not-too-wild surroundings.

Read the article and view the great pictures at: Black Star.