10 O'Clock Smile

Timelapse of A Day in the Life of a (mostly) Human Sundial

Human Sundial - Astronomy Group of the Progymnasium Rosenfeld
Human Sundial - Astronomy Group of the Progymnasium Rosenfeld
On July 19, the men, women, boys and girls of the Astronomy Group of the Progymnasium Rosenfeld, Germany, created a human sundial, with each participant patiently playing the role of the gnomon (the tall part of a sundial that casts a shadow) for 10 minutes (that’s a long time to stand there, and hence the moving, scratching and general fooling around).

Kudos to the three girls (0:15, 0:31 and 0:49) who brought their books along to read! I agree, no point in “wasting time.”

And did some of you go twice, three and even four times (0:17, 0:48, 0:50, 0:57)?

This guy (1:01) is just a tourist from the US. Why is he in the video?

That guy is cheating (1:04)!

In the timelapse video, one image was taken every 20 seconds from 8 am until 4 pm Central European Summer Time. Drawn on the ground are the dial hour marks calculated to show the local time for that specific date. Behind, the tower clock offers a time check. Well done, everyone!

Did you spot the three non-humans in the video (0:38, 0:51 and 1:05)?

And what kind of living non-human can sit still for 10 minutes? Where can I get one?