TILT – PANIC ROOM Behind The Scenes


By now, you’ve all seen the “Panic Room,” one half pristine white and the other half painted in graffiti. Which side of the room (and bed) you sleep in probably tells a lot about your frame of mind on that day. Here’s the story of how it all started…

The Au Vieux Panier hotel in Marseilles, France, asked Tilt to design them a room. He took it as a “great canvas” and proceeded to paint one half order and the other half chaos. One week later, the hotel manager was shocked… or not, since the 3-storey hotel/house/Bed & Breakfast has only 6 rooms and each room is uniquely decorated by an artist. With room names like Land of the Moon, Purgatory Palace, Ciel, and Fusion, timid souls should skip. But if you are bold and visit Marseilles, France, you would want to try each of the room in subsequent visits. Each room is equipped with Wi-Fi, air-conditioning and a private bathroom.

Imagine being paid to draw graffiti in a hotel room! I believe I would feel comfortable only in the “Fusion” room. I saw old photos of the rooms and they were decorated differently, so I believe the artists and decorations may get refreshed every now and then.

The hotel is situated in the historical centre of the “Panier” district of Marseilles, is located about 500 metres from the “Vieux Port” and the economic centre of “La Joliette” district, close to museums and monuments, and only a mere 5 minutes from the Centre of Town. Depending on the room size (S to XXL), it’ll cost you from 90 to 120 euros. The “Panic Room” is considered an Extra Large (XL) room and will cost around 135 euros.

via juxtapoz