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COVID-19: Did This Italian Magazine Predict Our Future Back in 1962? #WearAMask

As most readers have figured out by now, the COVID-19 pandemic is a deadly serious matter. It really isn’t something to joke about, but sometimes a bit of levity can hopefully get a serious message across. Fifty-eight years ago, look what this Italian magazine imagined the world would be like in the year 2022.

Not too far fetched, if we continue to encounter coronavirus pandemics in the future (see the “With You For Ever” sign?).

Don’t want that to happen? The solution is (perhaps to some people, too) simple: Don’t touch your face without first washing your hands, practice physical distancing, and wear a mask. One of the simplest thing we can do right now so as not to become a host to the virus is to Wear a Mask.

via Quora

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I Am a Photographer and I #WearAMask

I Am a Photographer and I #WearAMask