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‘The Flintstones’ Turns 50

From Bax2008

‘The Flinstones’ celebrates 50 years.

Readers will recognize that one of our “model” for our long exposure test when we review a digital camera is a Flintstones character: Bamm-Bamm Rubble’s name comes from the only words he ever speaks: “Bamm” and “Bamm”.

From Wikipedia:

When a character takes photographs with an instant camera, inside of the camera box, a bird carves the picture on a stone tablet with its bill. In a running gag, the animal powering such technology breaks the fourth wall, looks directly into the camera at the audience, shrugs, and remarks, “It’s a living.”

Here’s the Peek-a-Boo camera (click to watch the episode):

Peek-a-Boo Camera

Peek-a-Boo Camera1

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