The DSLR Grows Up… or Old?

One thing the success of mirrorless DSLRs has accomplished is to force the manufacturers of traditional mirrored DSLRs to up their game. There are two camera introductions that we are awaiting: 1) Canon to [finally] introduce their mirrorless interchangeable lens camera, probably based on the same [smaller than APS-C] sensor used in the G1 X, and 2) Nikon to introduce an entry-level full-frame DSLR, the D600 [rumor].

Canon’s introduction will signal that the mirrorless concept is here to stay, and Canon intends to bite a big share out of it. Nikon’s introduction signals that it intends to differentiate itself from the APS-C mirrorless crowd with full-frame traditional mirrored DSLRs targeted to entry-level as well as to pro users.

The problem with both is that eventually mirrorless will also go full-frame. There are no technological barrier in doing so, Leica having already shown the way with the M9. should the [rumored] Leica mirrorless also be full-frame, expect full-frame to become the next battleground between mirrorless and traditional mirrored DSLRs. And we know who’s going to win that battle eventually, don’t we?