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The AirPiano

Jo Hamilton demonstrates how the AirPiano works. Invented by Omer Yosha, the AirPiano is simply revolutionary. It has 8 light sensors horizontally with each sensor able to play 3 notes vertically.

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[Bit Rebels]
The airpiano’s array of sensors create a virtual matrix of keys and faders in the air above it. Each of the eight sensors can provide 3 keys or alternatively one vertical control fader. LED feedback confirms user actions and assures easy interaction and control. A custom software allows creative MIDI mapping as well as the assignment of Open Sound Control (OSC) messages.

Nothing related with photography but this is so cool as another user interface that might migrate to electronic devices, including digital cameras. Imagine being able to control settings by just waving your hands: no more camera shake or need for a cable remote release. DJ’s would also love this.