Testimony of An Unconstructed Exhibition

Here’s an unusual art exhibition: mirrors reflecting works that are absent! It’s at the Alliance Française in Toronto, Canada.

Yannig Willman’s digital photographic installation links the exhibition spaces of the Pierre-Léon Gallery, at the Alliance Française de Toronto, and Gallery 44’s vitrines. Yannig Willmann’s images are mirrors within the gallery; they reflect works that are absent. What we take from the experience is as much the work exhibited as the fantasy of this work. These photographies question the duality of our role as both spectator and witness in an exhibit. We are invited to gauge with our own eyes the “aesthetic credibility” of an exhibit whose only reality is virtual or photo-based.

Wednesday, January 11 2012, 6:30pm (to February 11)

Alliance française de Toronto – Pierre-Léon Gallery
24 Spadina road
Toronto ON, M5R 2S7

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