Sony Tablets: A Missed Opportunity to Challenge the iPad?

As RIM and other companies have found out the hard way, simply making a phone or tablet with different or better features will not dethrone the Apple iPhone and iPad. In fact, not even dent them. You have to find something that Apple is not doing now (and maybe does not intend to do in the future) but which many consumers are clamoring for.

Case in point: many of you are still holding out on a tablet due to its size, for you desparately want something pocketable — but with a big screen. This cries for a folded design: folded, the tablet is easily carried in a suit pocket; unfolded, it displays a big screen. However, for that to be successful, there needs to be a seamless fold when the device is opened to reveal the screen to its full size.

Unfortunately, the fold on the Sony S2 is not seamless, with a thick black bar separating the two screens [à-la Nintendo DS Lite]. Come on, Sony, you can do it, because Apple sure [maybe] will [though Job categorically said Apple will not produce a 7-in. tablet, he also never said it won’t produce a larger tablet that can be neatly folded in two]. The Sony S2, as it stands, seems to be a missed opportunity to really take on the iPad. And, please, get rid of that bump [make the device flat] because that hurts when you carry it in your pocket.

In this video (Part 1) a train (who doesn’t love trains?) goes thru its circuit, turning lights on and off, and revealing the S1 and S2 in the process:

From Sony

source TrustedReviews via Engadget

It’s cute and great photography, but then we already saw the tablets unveiled back in April, so again the message the ad is trying to convey is not clear:

From NetworkWorld