Social Media Done Right: Hoover Makes Autistic Boy’s Dream Come True

Marcus Bartlett is very fond of vacuum cleaners and Hoover, often drawing vacuums in his high school media arts class. Teacher Kathy Howlett thought the drawings were too beautiful to stay hidden and so she sent four of them to Hoover. Luckily, Hoover has a social media manager who knew a good thing when he saw it:

“We thought it was great. We wanted to do something really cool for Marcus in return.”

Since Marcus wrote that he wanted to be a famous artist someday, Hoover decided to start a media campaign to encourage its consumers to print out an image of the drawing, hang it up, then snap a picture and post it to its Facebook or as a tweet (tag it #hooverusa). Result: Marcus’s artwork is now posted on refrigerators, office cubicles and high school lockers all over the world.

You can download a pdf of the drawing here.