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Skylum All-in-One Photography Bundle


Skylum is launching the “All-in-One Photography Bundle” — a great chance to get Luminar Neo + a bundle of 11 courses from 5 great photographers worth $3,460 at $129!


New users will get: Bundle of courses + Luminar Neo Pro annual subscription for $129 (Luminar Neo renews at $99 after the first year) – 96% discount
New users offer

Existing Luminar Neo users will get: Bundle of courses for $99 – 97% discount.
Existing Luminar Neo users offer

The bundle includes Educational courses in English, Luminar Neo, and Presets&Skies:

Educational courses

Serge Ramelli

  • Zero to pro course. Serge’s ultimate bundle of 6 tutorials covers everything you need to know about photography, including basics, composition, retouching, publishing, making an impact on social media, and turning your photography passion into a profitable business.

Max Rive

  • Photoshop Afternoon Light Editing Tutorial. Learn how to turn mediocre afternoon light into beautiful and soft looking light with this tutorial. Max Rive will demonstrate his unique light effects and other editing techniques in this in-depth tutorial video.
  • Photoshop Landscape Editing Tutorial. Learn to create the best color, contrast, light and sharpness in your landscape image. All landscape editing techniques in this Photoshop editing and post processing tutorial are easy to learn without requiring advanced knowledge about Photoshop.
  • Landscape Post Processing Course. Create the ultimate color in your landscape photos thanks to all the latest color editing techniques and tricks of this course. Master white balance, split-toning, color calibration, selective color, color balance, color painting, adding color haze and more.
  • Photoshop Contrast Tutorial. Boost your Photoshop editing skills and create the best possible contrast in your landscapes. Learn to enhance haze between mountain layers, add special vignetting, great shadow details, bright but well exposed highlights and incredible color saturation.

Marco Grassi

  • Instagram – Smells Viral. Learn from start to finish Marco’s full editing workflow before posting an image to Instagram, including the importance of cropping, resizing and adjusting your images, how to find the best crop, how to get more engagement, and how to edit your work specifically for Instagram.
  • Zelda Start to Finish. Turn an unusable file into a great image with this in-depth tutorial, including how to paint light from the side, how to fix areas that are blown out, how to dodge with color, how to recreate the polarizer effect in the sky, how to alter the perspective of an image, and more.
  • Daydream Start to Finish. Learn how Marco edits an image, starting in Lightroom and ending in Photoshop. Master different post-processing techniques and how to add depth to your pictures and enhance them.
  • Pledge Start to Finish. Learn how to change the mood of your image and turn a flat file, shot during the harsh daylight, into a dramatic and unique scene with this in-depth tutorial. After this tutorial you’ll know how to get a more dramatic look, how to desaturate the blues, and more.

Matt Suess

  • Sky replacement masterclass. Discover Matt’s secrets to creating realistic sky replacements, understand the top eight mistakes photographers make when replacing skies, and learn the best techniques for realistic results. Discover amazing bonuses included in the course, like 400 high-resolution skies that you can use today!

David Johnston

  • Landscape Photography University 201 – Ignite Your Composition. With this course, you’ll get the proven system for quickly improving your photography composition, saving time through learning these techniques, and reaching your goals as a photographer.

Luminar Neo photo editor
1 year Pro Plan subscription of the award-winning and easy-to-use AI-powered photo editor.

Creative assets for Luminar Neo
– 120 creative assets including Presets, Skies, LUTs, Overlays for Luminar Neo with a total value of $222:
– Film Studio Portrait Presets by Team Skylum
– Wildlife Adventure Presets by Team Skylum
– Picture-Perfect Landscapes Presets by Team Skylum
– Overcast Seascapes Presets by Team Skylum
– Insta Life LUTs by Team Skylum
– Precious Child LUTs by Team Skylum
– Fitness LUTs by Team Skylum
– Tender Blushing Skies by Team Skylum
– Pacific Coastline Skies by The Remote Unknown
– Prism Light Overlays by Team Skylum