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SIGMA Celebrates 60 Years

Today, September 9, 2021, SIGMA celebrates its 60th anniversary and unique company culture. It was founded in 1961 by Michihiro Yamaki to save a group of cooperating companies that found themselves in peril following the bankruptcy of their supplier. Today, SIGMA is led by Kazuto Yamaki (the son of Michihiro Yamaki) who ascribes SIGMA’s success to its loyal customers, the unfailing support of its dealers, suppliers and other business partners.

First and foremost, I would like to thank our customers for their invaluable support and their high expectations towards us and our products. Sometimes the encouragement may come in the form of stern words, but it is always an opportunity for me and the company to reflect and improve ourselves. Thank you for everything. We are also very grateful for the unfailing support of our dealers, suppliers and all other business partners. We have surely caused you trouble on more than one occasion, and I know that our company has only come this far thanks to your patience and your perseverance. For this, you have my sincere gratitude… As we embrace the 60th anniversary of our founding, we look back and remember all the kindness and support we were shown during these six decades.
— Kazuto Yamaki, CEO of SIGMA

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