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Robot Learns and Sings Like a Human

From Diginfonews

The Japanese companies seem to have decided that the future is robotics. And it looks like a floodgate has opened, with success building upon success. Robots now can walk, run, climb. We have robots that can roll up a pole like a snake. Now, meet the HRP-4C Humanoid Robot (they still need to learn to give cute nicknames to thier robots), a robot that can observe a human singing, mimic her facial and body movements, and synthesize her tonal expressions, even down to her breathings. Notice the movements of its head, and how it closes its eyes from time to time. Spooky.

OK, so its movements seem a bit wooden, but so are many of you when you dance and I bet it sings better than many of us. Will we see a Robot Idol Contest soon? And perhaps a real Robocop? In the future, it might be cheaper for a restaurant to hire a singing and dancing robot than provide live entertainment. It’s coming.

source PhysOrg