Ricoh Should Rethink the GXR Concept

Ricoh GXR

Ricoh GXR

At CP+, Ricoh is showing its GXR Interchangeable Unit concept and also a couple of weird units, the first with a Leica lens and external optical viewfinder attached (no hint of interchangeability since we don’t see a lens mount) and a second one with a unit attached to the back of a Hasselblad.

It seems more to us that these look like a DIY that a fan might do to a unit once it becomes obsolete.

After seeing the unit with the Leica lens attached, it seems to us that a rethink of the GXR concept may be in order. Instead of units with non-interchangeable lenses, Ricoh should create units with different lens mount, one with a Nikon lens mount, one with a Canon lens mount, one with a 4/3 lens mount, etc. Now, that would be different and probably sell like hot cakes. You read it here first!

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