Real Estate Photography: Ultra-Wide Lenses Need to Be Used with Restraint

You’d think that in real estate photography, an ultra-wide angle lens, such as the fine Nikkor 14-24mm f/2.8 lens, would be recommended. I know I would have recommended it — but then it shows how much I don’t know about the real estate business.

An ultra-wide angle lens allows you to capture a wide field of view, incorporating, say, a whole house into one photo. No need to do a panoramic shot. But Larry over at Photography For Real Estate makes an excellent point: aside from perspective distortion where objects change shape at the edge of the photograph, viewers also get a false sense of how the house and surroundings really look.

We have all seen those ultra-wide shots on TV that make small rooms look positively wide! Or make the inside of compact cars look extra roomy. With experience, we know that these are marketing shots to make things look better than they are.

But when prospective clients look at a photograph of the real estate they potentially want to purchase, nothing but visually correct photos will do. Unless you want to suffer the client’s ire and accusation of deception.

Read the article at: Photography For Real Estate.