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Re-Photography of Historic Scenes

Image courtesy of Historypin

We’ve all seen examples of a picture of a scene superimposed on a historic scene or vice versa: an actual photo of a historic scene is held up to superimpose an actual scene and photographed. Rephotographers aim to recapture an existing photograph from the same viewpoint.

Here are some examples of rephotography taken by Peter Goin with the goal of providing a visual document of history and change in and around the Lake.

From kinger993

Note how the before and after photos match well. This can be difficult to achieve if you want a perfect match: same viewpoint, same zoom factor, etc.

Soonmin Bae and Frédo Durand (MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory), and Aseem Agarwala (Abobe Systems, Inc.) have come up with a real-time estimation and visualization technique for rephotography (“Computational rephotography“) that helps users reach a desired viewpoint during capture. The software runs on a computer (for now, can be in-camera later) linked to the camera, compares the camera’s image to the historical image and gives directions to move and zoom until the desired viewpoint is obtained.

From jnack

source NewScientist