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Put Your Next Road Trip On The Map

If you are going on a long car trip and would like a record of it, complete with photos and locations on the map, PopSci has an article that shows how to use a GPS, a dashboard-mounted camera and special software to create a photographic record of your next road trip.

The camera in this case is a hacked Canon compact point-and-shoot (P&S) digital camera using the CHDK software — but what the author may not have realized is that there are dedicated P&S camera with built-in GPS capability today — such as the Panasonic ZS7, Nikon P6000, Samsung ST1000 / CL65, HX5V, add-on GPS devices for your camera, the Eye-Fi Explore Memory Card, even the iPhone 4, or get the GPS-controlled copter to follow you from above! — that make your life easier.

Here’s a video tutorial on how to geotag your images using a portable GPS unit:

From AllenRockwell

Read the article at: PopSci.

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