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Print, Fold and Glue Your Own 1969 Ford Mustang, Full Size

While we are pining for retro looking cameras, might as well check out this 1969 replica of the Ford Mustang — they don’t make ’em like these anymore — that you can print out, fold and glue. Here’s the story behind it.

Canadian artist Jonathan Brand spent several years restoring his 1969 Ford Mustang when he met and fell in love with Jaclyn Conley. To pay for an engagement ring and wedding, the Mustang was sold. But Brand missed his beloved Mustang [who wouldn’t?] and decided to try an experiment: he drew a digital blueprint of the Mustang on his computer and began printing out the coloured components on a large-format inkjet printer. 300 sheets of 17×22 watercolour paper, 200 sheets of 11×17 and a total of 1,540 millitres of high quality artist ink in various shades later, he had his Mustang back, sort of. But everything is there: tires, hubcaps, ignition wires, a detailed engine, the carburetor and tiny Ford logos. Cut, fold, glue. The “One Piece at a Time” project took two years to complete.

Wonder if Brand will make his digital blueprints available for others to print. Who knows, maybe digital blueprints of other cars and cameras?

Read the full story and view the Mustang in all its glory at: