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Remembering The Polaroid SX-70

Source: life.time.com via Photoxels on Pinterest

The Polaroid SX-70 Land Camera was introduced in 1972 and, after a few false starts due to glitches, quickly became a favorite instant SLR. LIFE.com pays tribute to Edwin Land’s vision.

I well remember the SX-70. It folded flat and a smart pull on the viewfinder box turned the camera on and got it ready for taking pictures. It could focus as close as 10 inches. Each 10-picture film pack contained its own battery, which meant that you’d never have to worry about recharging the battery. Polaroid SLRs were used extensively everywhere photographers and movie directors needed to quickly see how a certain perspective or angle would photograph.

I enjoyed the Polaroid’s instant cameras but all those photos were a pain to carry if you did not wear a suit (and teenagers don’t wear suits as a matter of rule). But it was magic (it still is) to see your photos develop right before your eyes in a minute or so.

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