Phone Are Smartphones Changing Photography?

Cellphones have changed the face of news reporting. Thanks to the photos and witnesses of people who are the first at the scene of an event, the world has been able to see events unfold live without having to wait for the news stations’ photojournalists and cameramen to arrive on the scene. The immediacy of being able to access the Internet as long as you have a signal — and thus to be connected to the entire world at any moment — has made the cellphone the camera of choice for many. The image quality of many smartphones is also now good enough to be viewed on a large screen TV or on the PC’s screen.

While smartphones are certainly edging out compact point-and-shoot digital cameras, what about the serious cameras — the DSLRs and mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras? Are they also being edged out?

Not according to Penn State’s School of Visual Arts Assistant Professor Katarin Parizek. According to her, most of her photography students who start the course with only the camera on their cellphone, by the end of the course, “most own [“real”] cameras and would not replace them with cell phones.”

It’s worth a read.

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