Lily Camera: Personal Flying Camera Follows (And Records) You As Soon As You Throw It Into The Air

Update (January 14, 2017):

Why You Won’t Be Able To Buy A Lily Drone Anymore

There are not too many user manuals that will urge you to “Throw it in the air!” but that is exactly what you do with the Lily throw-and-shoot camera.

Lily starts following you (from 5 ft to 100 ft away), recording HD video as soon as you throw it in the air (from 5 ft to 50 ft up), at a maximum speed of 25 mph.

It knows who you are by locking onto a tracking device you wear on your wrist. The tracking device has a built-in microphone and comes with a wrist waterproof case.

No controller is required. Lily flies on its own to capture a person’s action, acting as your “personal flying camera.” It features H.264 codec video format, mp4 file format, resolution of 1080p, 60 fps or 720p, 120 fps, an accelerometer, a three-axis gyro, a magnetometer, a barometer, a GPS and front- and bottom-facing cameras.

The following video is amazing: throw the Lily Camera in the air and it starts following the snowboarder, then smoothly lands back onto the palm of his open hand at the end. Lily follows (films from behind you), leads (films from in front) and loops (films around you). It can also take 12MP still photos.

Lily is made with polycarbonate and, to make it waterproof, has a built-in, non-removable, Lithium-Ion battery offering 20 minutes of flight time (rechargeable in two hours).

The Lily Camera will begin shipping in February (pre-orders at $499 until June 15, then the price to progressively increase up to the regular retail price of $999).

I can see how the Lily Camera will become a favorite of movie makers, law enforcement officials and, eventually (unfortunately) the military.

via physorg