Pentax Reverts to a Brand Name

Imaging Resource is reporting that Ricoh Imaging, the parent owner of Pentax, has started the delisting of Pentax as a company name. The brand name itself is being retained for the present on products.

What is surprising is the retiring of the Pentax Internet domains in Japan, the US and Canada, so that a search for will now redirect you to

We love Pentax cameras here but are immensely saddened as to what has been happening to them these last few years. It’s our hope that the change is not just superficial but a certain seriousness can be applied to the product development, branding and marketing of new Pentax cameras. Isn’t it high time for a Digital Spotmatic to see the light (and please, in only one color model: black/silver)?

The Ricoh logo tag line says: “imagine. change.” and we wish both for future Pentax cameras.