OM Digital Solutions Teasers

OM System ‘WOW’ Camera OM-1 To Be Unveiled February 15, 2022

OM Digital Solutions are almost ready to unveil their new ‘WOW’ flagship Micro Four-Thirds mirrorless camera (rumored to be a ‘reborn’ OM-1) — the first under the OM System (not Olympus) brand. It will be shown live next Tuesday February 15, 2022 @ 1:00 am EST on their OMSystem.Global YouTube channel.

Interestingly, this new company has learnt to sell its brand and not just its product (something that Apple does so well and successfully all the time), as the five videos on its YouTube channel attest to. The message is that they are not interested in competing with full-frame mirrorless cameras on technology and specifications. Their call to action is very well formulated and pull at our desire to be different and unique: OM SYSTEM… for those revealing hidden moments, for those who pursue stories untold, for those who wander, for those who call nature their home, for those seeking the unseen. Here’s hoping that this new OM-1 camera really shatters preconceived ideas about what a professional camera needs to be.

Editor’s note: They have not said what camera was used to film those videos. It would be so sad (and tragic) to learn that an OM-1 was not used to film them, but that a mirrorless from a competing brand was.