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Olivia Bee, Professional Photographer

Olivia Bee is 18 years old and has already photographed professionally for major customers like Converse, Nike, Subaru, The New York Times, and Hermès. At the tender age of 11, while still in middle school, she was mistakenly signed up for a photography course instead of the video production course she really wanted. She found it frustrating at first but persevered, progressed and “like, fell in love with this art.”

Converse first approached her via her Flickr page but she ignored it as spam. Eventually they hooked up and, at 15, she had her first professional paying gig.

She now works about 80 hours a week, doing all her own photo editing and color correcting. Her advice to anyone wanting to succeed in photography? “You should focus on success in terms of what you love and what makes you happy.”

Visit our Featured Site: Olivia Bee’s Flickr Photostream.

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