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Now Scan and Digitize Your APS Film For $5

Millions of Lost Pictures from Antiquated APS Film Cartridges are Digitized by; New $5.00 Flat-fee Scanning Announced

As part of its photo preservation mandate,, the international photo imaging company has lowered its digitization rate to $5.00

Irvine, CA (PRWEB) July 20, 2011

APS, The Advanced Photo System film cartridges, first produced in 1996 by Kodak®, Fujifilm®, Nikon®, Canon® and others are quickly becoming obsolete, but the billions of emotions captured on these antiquated film relics are still erupting with cherished photo memories and in urgent need for digitization. While APS film and camera production has been shuttered, there is a renewed urgency to revisit and quickly have all those canisters of photo memories scanned before it fades away.

For it’s time, the 24mm wide APS film – housed in a single-spool plastic cartridge – helped bridge traditional photographic film with electronic information exchange to record each exposure. A principle characteristic of APS film was that it required a professional photo processor to develop the cartridges, but today few people can access those saved pictures.

As part of its photo preservation mandate,, the international photo imaging company has lowered its digitization rate to just $5.00 to scan any exposure APS cartridge (15, 25 or 40 exposures) at 2,000 DPI resolution, or $10.00 at DPI scanning with same day return, plus return delivery and handling throughout the U.S.

Today, new model APS cameras are no longer manufactured, APS film is expensive to buy and process because there are fewer labs are capable of processing the discontinued film format.

“The problem,” explains Mitch Goldstone, president and CEO of®, “is there are millions of exposed APS film cartridges that must be scanned and shared for today’s all-digital world before the images are ruined and lost forever.

Most consumers who purchased APS cameras in the 1990’s have draws full of exposed film and memories that are fading away, explained “It just isn’t practical for a consumer to scan these film formats and it could be very expensive,” said Goldstone.

However, just announced a new flat-fee scanning service of just $5.00 to scan any exposure developed APS film (15, 25 or 40exp) at 2,000 DPI, or $10.00 to scan at the higher resolution 4,000 DPI, plus return delivery and handling. Most orders are completed and mailed back the same day it is received. provides hundreds of photo imaging services, including scanning and color/density corrections of APS film for optimal digitization using Digital ICE technology to remove dust, dirt and scratches. The easy ordering process is online and accessible at: