I Am a Photographer and I #WearAMask

I Am a Photographer and I #WearAMask
I Am a Photographer and I #WearAMask

Today is National Camera Day, and we’re encouraging photographers around the world to take a selfie with their favorite camera while wearing a mask. To win against COVID-19, we need to encourage people to stop feeling self conscious and wear a mask in confined spaces.

Asking some people to wear face masks during this pandemic is like asking some visitors to Canada from tropical countries to wear a big, bulky parka in the dead of winter; at first, they balk at this until the cold wind hits them and seeps into their bones. Then, they don’t care anymore if they look silly in that big, bulky, heavy parka; they are thankful they are safely warm. It’s the same for those who resist wearing masks because they are afraid they will look silly or feel uncomfortable and self conscious. Wearing a mask can help protect you from contracting and spreading COVID-19.

It is ridiculous — and sad — how many people are still contracting COVID-19 everyday. This is because some of us are simply not listening to the medical experts. But photographers are a smart bunch, and if we take the stand that it is chic, it is cool, and eventually it is ordinary to wear a mask, we may help people be more accepting to wearing a mask in public. This virus is not even alive; it needs a human carrier and spreader. By wearing a mask, we refuse to be its carrier and spreader.

Getting the COVID-19 virus is no joke. Though some are asymptomatic and some recover, too many die or never regain their full vigor and health. And yet the way to protect against it is soooo very simple: Until we get an effective and safe vaccine, wash your hands, do not touch your face, practice physical distancing,… and wear a mask.

Help pass on the message: I Am a [Photographer] and I #WearAMask (In lieu of “Photographer”, substitute with your profession.)

Does wearing a mask make a difference?

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