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Monkey See, Monkey Do Self-Portraits

Apparently this monkey, a crested black macaque (which is extremely rare and critically endangered) on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi saw award-winning photographer David Slater taking pictures and, as monkey see-monkey do, decided to take hundreds of pictures of his buddy monkeys.

If it baffles you how a monkey can operate a camera which, I would assume, is a top-of-the-line model, pretty heavy and requiring quite a bit of exposure settings, here’s what happened. A group of monkeys took advantage of a moment’s inattention from the photographer and approached the camera left on a tripod. An especially observant one pressed the shutter release button, scared the hell out of all of them at the shutter and mirror noise, then they all regrouped and “posed” for the shots.

Looking at these pictures all I can say is that either the camera’s AF is superb or David should hire the moneky photographer as his new assistant.

Read the full story and view more pictures at at: dailymail.

source ShortList