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Mamma Mia! Small Car Causes Not So Small Traffic Jam

This is hilarious. What starts out as an elderly gentleman in his small car trying to make a U-turn in a narrow Naples street quickly turns into a traffic jam of major Italian proportion.

First, a car approaches from each direction and start beeping the poor guy, who is obviously having difficulty. Then more cars arrive and the cacophony of beepings rise in volume. Soon, a group on motorcycles arrives, one carrying a large round of ham. As though this comedy is not funny enough, here comes a procession on foot with a priest leading it.

Everyone gets involved, tempers flare, hand gestures not yet approved by Apple punctuate the air. His mom (mother-in-law?) in the passenger seat looks mortified and like she is going to faint. Someone even seems to suggest they all pitch in to lift the car. After all, it’s small enough. The driver looks hopelessly stuck. A woman calls for a miracle.

Finally, the priest takes over, standing precariously in front of the car and gently guides the small car and its driver into freedom. The driver gets a round of applause but seems upset by all the tempest in a teapot. The priest lifts his arms up to heaven.

Mr. Bean could not do better…

Moral of the story (for the drivers): instead of criticizing (beeping), get out and help. You’ll be helping yourself.

Moral of the story (for photographers): always have your camera ready to take a still or video. You never know what a golden opportunity looks like.

Whoever is the manufacturer of this small car (Fiat 500?) would not want this video to go viral. Wait, too late…

How to turn this video into a marketing coup: add automatic parallel parking and u-turn to the car!