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Lytro Light Field Camera Review @ DPReview

Lytro Light Field

Lytro Light Field

As a ‘don’t worry about focus’ point-and-shoot, the Lytro isn’t terribly successful.

The Lytro Light Field camera was supposed to be a “game changer” in photography, promising a camera where the photographer does not have to worry about focusing because the camera’s claim to fame is that it focuses almost everywhere in one shot. The photographer can change the focus point after the fact anytime and as many times he or she wants. Think about it: no more blurred shots!

The reality is not quite as sharply defined. DPreview has published their review of the Lytro Light Field Camera — and give it their thumbs down as a consumer camera.

This does not mean the Lytro Light Field camera is not a fantastic tool in the right hands and for the right purpose, just not a point-and-shoot everyday camera. We have no doubt that the Lytro Light Field will gain many dedicated followers and we encourage you to give it a try.

You can read the Lytro Light Field Camera Review @ DPReview.

Editor’s note: As always, we recommend you get a second opinion. AllThingsD thought the Lytro was pretty easy to use after some getting used to. Their pictures prove it.