Lytro 3D Living Picture Demo and Your Q&A

From Lytro

Lytro shares the 3D demo that they played at their launch party last week. So grab your 3D glasses and watch the video.

The details: Lytro’s light field camera automatically captures pictures that can be viewed in 3D. You can view this living picture 3D demo using colored (anaglyph) glasses, a 3D display, or by doing fancy tricks with your eyes.


“How much?… Specs?… When?… Zoom?… file size?”

We’ll have more specifications to share when we invite you to buy one later this year.

“Is this a point-and-shoot camera or a DSLR?”

Our first light field camera is designed to make taking great pictures effortless. With instant shutter, low light sensitivity, portability, and focus after the fact, our camera will deliver ease with a dose of magic that takes traditional point-and-shoot cameras to the next level.

“How is this an improvement?…trying to get a better grasp of the technology?”

Our light field sensor is one of our key innovations that makes these new capabilities possible. You can read more about it in the Science Inside, check out Ren’s dissertation (folks have told us it is a much easier read than they expected), or keep reading to learn more about the team who helped start Lytro.