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Lost Camera Survives Ocean Trip

Another “lost” camera story makes the headline. This time it’s a hungry sea turtle, so goes the story, that snapped a bite out of the floating camera and got its flipper caught in the camera’s leash (camera was in an underwater housing). The camera belongs to a De Bruin, a sergeant in the Royal Dutch Navy, who was stationed with his family in Aruba for three years. No saying whether it’s the turtle that brough the camera all the way from Aruba to Miami Beach where Coast Guard investogator Paul Shultz picked it up — or just floated free the distance.

Read the story (with video and pictures) at: AP.

These lost at sea stories are so popular that I can see popularity seekers dumping cameras overboard on purpose for a bit of fame. It’s the modern equivalent of message in a bottle, if you ask me.

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