London Then (1927) and Now (2013)

For some of us, 86 years is a lifetime, but few cities are as enduring as London, England as this video shows. Even after 86 years, it seems that little has changed and someone who grew up then would pretty much recognize the major landmarks and probably still be able to find his or her way easily enough around the city.

The sights of London, circa the 1920s, was filmed by cinematographer Claude Friese-Greene who travelled across the UK with his new colour film video camera. Fast forward to 2013 and Simon Smith took up the challenge to retrace Friese-Greene’s footsteps and recreate the London he saw.

It’s an amazing feat. Well done!

London in 1927 & 2013 from Simon Smith on Vimeo.

via colossal

P.S. This is the same Simon Smith who, instead of asking his friends to film his wedding, set up his camera and took time-lapsed shots of the entire event (wedding ceremony and reception/dance) and compressed it all into 1:25 min. Best wedding video EVER! Because, for the groom (at least), it’s all a blur anyway.