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Kevin Weir’s Animated GIFS Bring Old Photos To “Life”

Bruges - Copyright © Kevin Weir - Reproduced with permission

Bruges - Copyright © Kevin Weir - Reproduced with permission

Kevin Weir, a graduate student in the art direction track at the VCU Brandcenter in Richmond, VA., takes old photos from the Library of Congress… and lets his imagination run wild in Photoshop. The animated GIFs that result (created frame by frame) bring the old photos to “life” — of the unexpected kind. The one above is titled “Bruges” and you should wait a couple of seconds for the animation to kick in. Delightful, isn’t it?

The project started as a method of procrastination during my internship last summer. I started creating mashups of old and new photographs, with minimal animation. Over time, I found that the most exciting bit was the unexpectedness of seeing an old, b&w photograph come suddenly to life. At some point a friend sent me a link to the library of congress flickr account. That thing is a gold mine.

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