Tutorial: Implying Motion Using Zoom

Implying Motion While Zooming
Implying Motion While Zooming

I’ve just added the above picture to illustrate “Implying Motion While Zooming” in the Understanding “Understanding Exposure series on Photoxels on Facebook.

I used the Fujifilm FinePix HS10 super zoom digital camera set to 1/40 sec., F8.0, ISO 200, and zoomed (using its wonderful manual zoom ring) from 24mm to approx. 80mm [equiv.135]. It’s not as fancy as Bryan Peterson’s tree example but I believe it illustrates the principle behind the technique he describes.

I handheld the shot of my neighbor’s beautiful Dropmore Honeysuckle vine but if you want a tack sharp central subject, it’s best to use a tripod.

If you are not getting the zooming effect, you may be using a shutter speed that is too fast and/or zooming too late. It’s trial and error, and I found that I got best results when I pressed the shutter release button and zoomed right away. Zoom too early and you get a zoomed in flower; zoom too late and the picture is recorded before the zoom effect. I took about 10 shots and selected this one as the best one.

Send me yours and I’ll post them.