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I want to be as kind as I can: PLEASE DON’T DO THAT AGAIN!

From AtlasExperimentMusic

Listen, musicians don’t pretend to be physicists. So physicists should also not pretend to be musicians. 😉 Please, by all means, do play your guitar and cello and harp and sing to your heart’s content — but, please, don’t put it on YouTube! Where I have to see it. And listen to it. And go scrub my ears and brain clean by listening to the background noise of the Universe. Seriously, the music and singing is not bad at all, but really, do you have to? Dont you kids have an antimatter to split or something like that? 😉

And the Behind the Scenes:

From TheATLASExperimentMusic

Who knew physicists could have so many talents beside splitting atomic particles? Great job! And it’s for a good cause. Support them!

source PhysOrg