How To Say Happy New Year 2013 With All Those Cameras You Own

Do you now have too many cameras and accessories? Do you have too much time on your hand?

French photographer and professor Noël Bourcier coralled first-year EFET (École supérieur de photographie et d’audiovisuel) school students Marine Durand and Coralie Sauvageon to lay studio and photography equipment on a large sheet of white paper. They painstakingly shot each setup to write out “2012″ and then transitioned it to “2013.″ In all, they selected 395 photos and Théo Steiner edited and assembled them into this beautiful stop-motion video. Super et Merci, les gars!

I counted about 10 cameras, 6 tripods, 10 speedlites, scores of lenses, shutter release cables, filters and stuff I do not recognize.

Happy New Year – 2013 by Noël Bourcier from EFET on Vimeo.

Happy New Year est une animation composée en Stop Motion à partir de matériels de photo et d'accessoires de studio. Elle a été réalisée par Noël Bourcier avec l'aide de Marine Durand et Coralie Sauvageon. Le montage des 395 photos a été finalisé par Théo Steiner. Le making-of est visible à cette adresse :

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