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Holiday Gift Ideas from Blurb: “Give Brag-Worthy, Personal Gift Books for Your Loved Ones This Year”

The following video presents How to make a photo book: Introduction:

Get started making a book with Blurb in the first installment of Blurb Book Camp. Get tips on uploading your photos, using the right resolution, calibrating your monitor, and more.

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Holiday gift ideas from Blurb:
Give brag-worthy, personal gift books for your loved ones this year

A custom book can do a lot of things. It can put a smile on a family member’s face. It can showcase—and share—your expertise. And it can memorialize moments that might otherwise have been forgotten.

Blurb makes personal gift giving easier than ever before. The ability to take your best moments—and best photographs—and preserve them in a high-quality photo book is paramount to recycling the same gift giving ideas year upon year.

#Cheers: A Family Cookbook by Blurb author Sarah Fournier

#Cheers: A Family Cookbook by Blurb author Sarah Fournier

Blurb author Sarah Fournier  created a book of her family’s most popular recipes and photography of the dishes as a wedding present for her sister. The book quickly became a family favourite; one that will be shared among relatives for years to come.

From documenting a special trip to creating a cookbook with your annual family recipes, there’s a beautiful book waiting to be made by each and every one of you this Christmas.

Here are some Blurb holiday book ideas for inspiration:

  • Photo book – Create a photo book that documents your 2015 adventures. Publish a book that documents a special occasion like a wedding, birthday, or other milestone event.
  • Planners – Start your year on the right foot with a planner you’ll actually want to look at! Weave your favourite photos into a personalized planner and see your special memories interspersed throughout your appointments all year long.
  • Facebook/Instagram books – Get those photos off the web and into a Blurb book! There’s no better way to summarize a year than by creating a book from your Instagram or Facebook photos. (And Blurb makes it really easy to do, too!)
  • Travel books – Do you know someone who went on a big trip this year? Why not compile their photos into a travel book so they can keep reliving the memories they created for years to come.
  • Family history book – Turn your old family photos, stories and scanned hand-written letters into a book that commemorates the clan.

People around the world focus on thoughtful giving come Christmas time, and for good reason. In a fast moving world where we often have little free time, the holidays offer a period of time to reflect, spend time with those we love, and a chance to share.

To see the breadth of books that can be made with Blurb, visit www.blurb.ca.

The following video presents Writing a memoir with Jane and Charlotte Stokes:

It’s said that everyone has a book inside them. For Jane Stokes, Managing Editor at News Canada, that book was a memoir of her 86-year-old mother, Charlotte. Written in collaboration between mother and daughter, “Are you ready for a bumpy ride?” chronicles Charlotte Stokes’s turbulent journey from war-time Germany to England and then to Canada. We were lucky enough to be able to chat with Jane and Charlotte about the importance of making a book about the twists and turns—and the bumps—in one woman’s life.