High-Speed Photography = Ultra Slow Motion Video

From mckbirds

source laughingsquid

You’ve seen the ultra slow motion videos (like the one of the hummingbird above) and perhaps wondered how they were made. Pretty easy, as it turns out, especially now that more and more digital cameras sport a high speed video mode, 120fps, 240fps or even 1,000fps. Simply film a fast paced action scene at high speed then play it back at normal 30fps speed: it will play back in glorious slow motion!

For example, the Casio EX-FH100 [QuickPrice Check] has a neat 30-210fps feature that allows you to instantly switch from normal speed to high speed (and hence when played back, in slow motion) for professional looking effects.

Do remember that with each bump in speed, the image resolution decreases:

From MarkReedreber