Happy New Year 2011!

From BBC

We would like to wish all our readers, sponsors and their families a Happy New Year 2011!

As a new year rolls in, remember the economy is still fragile, so be fiscally smart. Don’t know if you have noticed, but this year, we have not encouraged you to buy, Buy, BUY! We’ve published deals for those who need to buy something (if you can afford it, the economy can do with your support), and the ads help keep the site up, but otherwise we’ve been pretty quiet on the marketing front. We’ve still managed to double readership during 2010, so a big Thank You! to all our faithful readers and welcome to our new readers.

Also, if you are one to make new year resolutions, just remember that often all it takes is to put your head down and go for it. Forever planning, talking, tweeting about it won’t get you far along the way. Instead, bite the bullet and, like it or not, just get it done.

And, of course, take more and better pictures!

We hope 2011 will be a safe and prosperous year for you and your loved ones!

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